Training Program
Missionary Training School Online is a non-formal specialized, 6-month Missionary training program that provides both theoretical and practical equipping to men and women of God who feels called to be witnesses of Jesus Christ in a cross-cultural setting.
Training is conducted by seasoned missionaries, missiologists and mission leaders from various parts of the world who are not only academically qualified but who also have a wealth of personal field experience. The training is comprised of:

[1] Online Modular Classes

20 Weeks of online class. Modular classes include:
  • Missionary Life
  • Research and Missions
  • Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance
  • Hermeneutics
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Church Planting Mov't. & Cell Dynamics
  • Resource Development &  Fundraising
  • Language And Culture Acquisition
  • Spirituality in Ministry
  • Personal Disciplines in Ministry
  • Basic Counseling
  • Language Acquisition Made Practical
  • Personality and Team Dynamics (with conflict management)
  • Theology of Leadership & Ministry

[2] One Week Missions Camp

Missionary trainees will be provided opportunities to experience real life challenges in the mission field through simulations and other innovative and creative activities during a weeklong missions camp.

[3] Two Months International Missions Exposure Trip

Exposure trip to the missionary's chosen field or people groups. Trainees will do missions research in the country of their calling. Based on actual in-field research each trainee is expected to produce a missions strategic paper outlining (a) profile of their target people group/country (b) strategic access to the country as a missionary or how they plan to go back to the country as a full-time missionary, and (c) missions budget.